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TDD and Getting Paid

This talk was given at the 2011 edition of 4Developers, the same year's Dutch PHP Conference, and at Confoo 2012. Abstract as follows:

Test-driven development is generally regarded as a good move. However, just getting unit tests in on a real, commercial project is hard - switching to TDD is even harder. Defining concrete answers to a problem is hard and can be difficult to integrate into project. Often you can start a project with good intentions and coverage, then the deadline looms and the tests go out then the hacks come in. So, instead of beating ourselves up about not being perfect let's look at an iterative approach to adopting TDD principles. We'll look at tactics for selling TDD to your client, boss and colleagues. This talk will also cover methods for making TDD easier for you by showing you what tools you can use to integrate it into your development environment. In the project itself, we'll examine how we can make small but permanent steps towards full TDD, without losing that progress when deadlines hit. We'll also cover a few methods for learning on your own time and how the whole process can actually be made quite enjoyable.

You can use the slideshare view below or download the original PDF: TDD and Getting Paid

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