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Living with Legacy Code

My third conference talk that got me over to PHP Benelux 2010, back to PHP UK 2010, with a kind of "farewell tour" at Confoo 2012. Abstract as follows:

Legacy code is a burden that few developers are lucky enough to avoid in their professional lives. We'll look at how legacy code develops and some of the early warning signs to watch out for. Where it's already a problem, we'll explore the strategies that can be used to replace, isolate or integrate that code and some practical methods for achieving it. This talk will weigh up these ideas up in terms of time and cost to help you take a pragmatic approach to taming or slaying your monster.

You can use the slideshare view below or download the original PDF: Living with Legacy Code

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  1. Hi Rowan…saw you at confoo. Great presentation on all levels. Thanks for the effort.

    Ted Marvel
    University of Pennsylvania

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